lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

Riding up El Verjon

Luis Carlos and two guys from Newfoundland on their way up El Verjón.
El Verjón is a popular climb which, after 20 minutes huffing and puffing from the city center, will have you feeling like you've entered a different reality.

A view of Bogotá from above.
On a nice weekend or holiday morning hundreds of cyclists make the climb, many on expensive racing bikes, some shadowed by police escorts.

The road twists and turns through the forest of pines and eucalyptus, offering spectacular views of Bogotá and its surrounding savannah - and a great excuse to stop and catch one's breath in the thin area at 3,000 meters above sea level.

According to the Altimetrias Colombia blog, the full climb is
18.1 kms and climbs 647 meters to an altitude of of 3367 meters above sea level, at an average grade of 4.12% and a maximum of 12%.

At the top, take a break in the little snack shack with a sweet, warm agua panela, Colombian cyclists' official drink.
Luis Carlso and Darren, from the UK, pedaling up El Verjón.

A selfie above Bogotá.
From Altimetrias Colombia.
By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours, which offers montain bike tours.

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