jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

The Cops Are Back on Bikes

On the beat. Young cops pedaling in Chapinero.
About six years ago, Bogotá had cops on bicycles. Bicycling cops are a good thing for several reasons: They're versatile and can go places cops in cars and even on motorcycles can't, and much faster than on foot. Cycling police are also more approachable for the community. (And don't get me started on those expensive, useless, Segways.) And the bikes are inexpensive and make those cops exercise. Finally, you can't sleep the afternoon away on a bicycle the way you can in a car.

Most importantly for us cyclists, having cops on bikes has got to motivate internal combustion vehicles to give two wheelers more respect and room on the street.

Not so fast. An afternoon conference
near the Banco de la Republica.
Yet, for reasons I can't divine, around 2009 the police scrapped their bikes (some of which were purchased by Bogotá Bike Tours).

Recently, however, two-wheeled Bogotá police have reappeared. (At least, the teenage 'auxiliar' police, anyway, who are getting their 'obligatory' military service requirement out of the way.)

On Ave. Septima, where the bike cops seem to spend most of their time...despite the surfeit of security here.

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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