jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Car-Free Day IS Ciclists' Day

Bicyclists ride on the Ave. Septima bike lane. I saw many more bikes than normal today. 

On Car-Free Day, the Petro administration did much more for cyclists than have other mayors have, creating a temporary bike lane down Ave. Septima and turning Calle 26 into a weekday Ciclovia. And, I saw many more cyclists than normal.

Car-Free Day is supposed to spur Bogotanos to change their transit ways. How many of those who dusted off their bikes today will continue using them?

Bogotá environmental officials reported that the number of cyclists sextupled today. I'd take that statistic with a grain of salt, but our numbers did rise.

Air quality also improved. Ozone, nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide levels all dropped - but the concentration of suspended microparticles was actually higher than normal in the morning, but dropped to normal in the afternoon.
Greenman leads a caravan of costumed bicyclists on a temporary bike lane created on Ave. Septima today. The lane should be here every day. 

Crowded bike parking at the Jorge Tadeo University. The parking lot attendants told me that on a normal day 40 to 50 students (of thousands) come by bike. Today, about 200 did. Tomorrow, probably 40-50 again. 

Calle 26 was turned into Ciclovia today, altho it wasn't exactly crowded.

Liberal Party candidate Galan's people campaigned by bike today.

 By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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