jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Cyclist Suffers Toxic Attack!

A bicyclist gets smoke bombed by a bus on 26th Street. 
The other day, these bicyclists were pedaling along 26th St. when this bus belched this toxic cloud over one of them.

And some people ask why more Bogotanos don't ride bikes.

Other people ask why authorities don't sanction polluters. But why ask absurd questions?

Blog by Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

2 comentarios:

  1. I get a headache every time I visit Bogota. The black belches from the larger vehicles are beyond belief in a crowded city. The council needs to wake up as congestion and pollution are holding Bogota back as a tourist destination.

  2. You're completely right. However, pollution's impacts on tourism are the least of its impacts. Still, sad to say, city officials might actually do something about pollution in order to encourage tourism, whereas they don't seem to care about its impacts on the health of bogotanos.