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A dispatch from someone who rode Colombia's Caribbean coast:

I did the whole Caribe cost and made it as far as Maracaibo. As bacano as the whole trip was in Colombia, Venezuela was the opposite. I visited Santa Marta, Taganga, Parque Tayrona, Dibulla, Riohacha, Manure, Cabo de la Vela, Uribia and Micao. I have way point files that convert easily to klm and are easily dropped on google maps\earth. The whole trip on my carbon Specialized with treadless contis pulling a bob, and didn't haveone problem, or for that matter 1 flat! Drivers are also riders there, and a honk means, hey i see you.. just want you to know im here. So if anyone needs any information or advise, i'll be happy to share what I know. Be prepared passed the Parque to battle a full blown headwind. And I'm serious, sometimes its hard to penetrate and travel 7mph. in addition it's hot, for me a bonus. And as far as safety
is concerned, and on the hw dont be concerned. Just secure your stuff and don't be a jerk and wear a camera that's 1\2 a years salarie for the people here without being on gaurd. As a tourist on a bike you will be looked after and treated with respect. They know bikes here (even though for the most part they drive jumk with counterfeit names. When did shimanno start making frames?:eek:
Further east then

Insofar as traveling further east then Cabo, it is possible but you'll need to 4x4 it with one of the local guides. Also, the guides only like to go out the those areas in the night, and you will be stopping a various places, delivering things. I dont know what they deliver... but they hide the packages under the seats and door panels..ect

Additionally, as far as your comment re paras, when the rats know an area is controlled by other then the normal tumbos, as a tourist you are safer. The other police don't follow process and procedure that is mandated by law they find and ultimate solution rather rapidly. Also, and I don't mean to get on a political soap box, but I believe currently the police,,, militarily and paras are all basically from the same barrel full of monkeys,, and from the top down. All that considered there is much more freedom and demonstrations here. I have never been delt with unfairly or disrespectfully by any of the control. For that matter I was never even stopped at any control point,be it militarily , intelligence or normal cops.The one time I was stopped, the young guys said come over here the LT needs to talk. I cross the street.The LT says need to put ice in your water. After 3 days in that hellhole they call Venezuela, that was an awesome welcome to get.

Asking people is a good idea. But to be quite honest most of the time they dont know. Attached is a photo taken at Dibulla, the end of the days ride from the Parque.Not pictured is the inebriated photographer who consumed mass qualities of .35$ Costenitas, on the beach, without are care in the world!

ps.. por la septima on Sunday morning is one of my favorite activities.

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