martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

My bike - the threat to public security!

Bogotá is a heaven for cyclists, right? Today I went to drop off some Bogotá Bike Tours publicity at a hotel, leaving my bike locked to a signpost on the far side of a very wide sidewalk. All around were parked motorcycles and cars.

When I returned, not ten minutes later, I found several soldiers and a drug-sniffing dog examining my bike, which was evidently a great danger to the area. 

There have been cases of bike bombs in Bogotá. But there's little space on my old bike to hide a bomb, and of course the nearby cars and motorcycles could pack a whole lot more explosives. 

Point out as I might that a prospective bomber wouldn't likely choose a bicycle, the soldiers just repeated that i couldn't leave my bike there. 

That wasn't the first time this happened to me. One time, in fact, I left the bike parked in a bicycle parking rack near a police station, and when I returned the cops chastised me having left it in the bike rack!

Another time when i left the bike sort of near a police station, the cops cut the cable (impossible to replace here) and stuck the bike inside the police station. Smart way to handle a potential bomb, right?

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