jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

More Bikes, Fewer Cars - For One Day

A momentary bicycle-jam on Carrera Septima as these cyclists wait for a light to change.

Air pollution dropped 21%, and the city was lots quieter and more peaceful during Bogotá's 2015 Car-Free Day. And, even compared to previous years, my unscientific impression is that this year many more cyclists turned out. 

But will they pedal again another day?
Lots of pedalers turned out today - but how many of them will pedal tomorrow?
Not all the streets are as cycle-friendly as la Septima. This guy's maneuvering between buses on Carrera 10.
Don't ride behind me. Nearby, a bus belches smoke. It's Car-Free Day, not pollution-free day, silly.
Back on the friendly Carrera Septima. 
This usually congested street in downtown was so clear that these guys could ride against traffic.

The IDRD's public lending bikes reappeared today. But will they tomorrow?

A moto-bici illegally uses an exclusive TransMilenio bus lane. 
This year for the first time no-car day was also no-motorcycle day. But, insanely, the prohibition did not extend to the moto-bicis, bicycles equipped with gasoline engines, which make lots of noise and pollute more than do many cars.

But today's El Tiempo also carried this disastrous new item: New car sales as ahead of last year's record new car sales.

Blog by Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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