sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Expo Bici

Bogotá's Bicycle Week wrapped up today with commercialism and fun and games - as well as a bit of substance - at the Expo Bici, a fair of bicycle products, activities and literature.

'To High School by Bike.' This program, by the Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD), teaches kids how to use and maintain their bikes, and organizes group bike rides, to encourage kids to ride to school. 

Off to school by bike. 

IDRD images of bike lane works. 

The BiciTante is a slick, colorful little magazine dedicated to cycling, which has published two editions. 

Bicycle media. 
Bogotá's bicycle literature has recently experienced a minor boom, with blogs and a magazine, the Bicitante.

A pair of unicyclists.

Bike Culture at La Tadeo University. 
But this offers a moment of frankness: 'Lots of 'Likes', Few Bikes.' The other day, I saw about 10 bikes in Tadeo University's parking lot. The school has thousands of students. 


A circus performer gets a lift from a bicycle tourist.

Bamboo bikes got lots of attention. 

By Mike Ceaser , of Bogotá Bike Tours

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