viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Bogotá's Masked Cyclists

"I don't want to eat dust," explained this woman, a foreigner, in Teusaquillo. 
Sadly, many cyclists in Bogotá feel obliged to wear masks to try to protect themselves from air pollution. It's terribly unfair that we cyclists suffer because others - including environmental authorities - ignore the law!

How'd you like to be cycling near this smog-belching TransMilenio bus, which I spotted on the 'Eje Ambiental,' (the so-called 'Environmental Axis.')
To this masked cyclist, whom I met on Calle 26, near the Universidad Nacional, I noted that laws do exist here limiting vehicle emissions. But the guy wasn't hopeful. "But here the laws are ignored," he observed.

A good place to ride?

Wouldn't you hate to be caught riding behind this smog-belching bus? (I was there.)

These guys, who were just gassed by a TransMilenio bus, forgot to wear their masks today. 

Even on the car-free section of Ave. Septima, this woman masks herself.
 By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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  1. Hi mike, I very worrie for pollution in bogota City. Please give me a picture. I need it. Thank you. Regards

  2. Hi Eli,

    Yes, the pollution should worry all of us. Check out my other blog: and you'll see lots of photos of pollution.

    Hope that helps.