miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

Peñalosa's Experimental Bike Lanes

This broad new bike lane on Carrera 7 connects the city center
 to the Centro Internacional.
Mayor Peñalosa has created a number of new bike lanes - some better than others,

The pedestrianized secion of Carrrer 7 has finally been connected to the Centro Internacional and the
Until recently, the lane looked like this:
protected by temporary barriers.

Carrera 13 bike lane with a full-scale lane on Carrera Septima, complete even with tiny and annoying speed bumps.

Other lanes are being phased in, with heavy plastic barriers marking their paths until something concrete is installed.

While bike lanes mean more riders, they also generate complaints from drivers, who feel deprived of road space they believe belongs to them. Yet, from what I've seen, these proposed lanes are on quieter streets where the space won't be missed. And grumbling drivers ought to imagine how much worse congestion would be if each of those cyclists were instead driving a car.

This letter writer complains about bike lanes taking away space from cars, but forgets that bicyclists also open up room in cities.
And Bogotá's bike lanes get little respect:
Even Bogotá's best bike lanes get little respect.
These drivers thought this bike lane offered convenient parking.
And the provisional lanes even less respect:

A glance at Bogotá's traffic congestion shows that it's not the fault of bicycles or bike lanes:
A daily travail in Bogotá. Not the fault of bicycles.

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