miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

A Grab-Bag of Bikes

Kathy and Santa, who have a bike shop and do circus cycling.
write them at zua.zaa.cirko (at) gmail (dot) com
As part of Bogotá's seventh-annual Bike Week, bike makers and enthusiasts displayed their work on the plaza of the Jorge Tadeo University this afternoon.
Santa on his trick bike. 

Trick bikes. 
More and more bamboo bike makers have appeared in Bogotá.

Bogotá once had the region's largest network of bike paths, but I suspect that other cities have surpassed it.

Bikes lent by the Gran Estación shopping mall.

Mejor en bici is the city's best-known bike advocacy organization.
Bikes designed by Mejor en bici.

By Mike Ceaser of Bogotá Bike Tours

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