jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

Satisfied Cyclists?

These cyclists are happy. They're riding on the car-free stretch of Ave. Septima, in central Bogotá.
The annual quality of life survey Bogotá, ¿Cómo Vamos? found that the Colombian city dwellers who are most satisfied with their means of transport are....bicyclists!

I have to wonder whom they spoke to. Many cyclists, sadly, ride to save bus fare, and dream of driving a car. How satisfying can dodging aggressive vehicles while swallowing fumes be? Maybe a lot, especially when you're sailing past people locked inside boxes trapped in traffic jams.

Almost 80% of bicyclists are happy with their means of transport, as opposed to barely half of TransMilenio and metro users. 

By Mike Ceaser, of Bogotá Bike Tours

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