miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Bicycle Week Winds Up With a Mural

(Photos by Marriana Guhl)
Bogotá's Bicycle Week wound up last Sunday with the painting of a bicycle mural on 67th Street, just off of 7th Ave. (The supplies were payed for by Bogotá Bike Tours, which offers graffiti tours, and which might possibly make this mural part of our bike tours.) The grafiteros volunteered their time and skills.

The wall beforehand. 

The result, with the bike model. 

This mural, on Carrera 3 near Jorge Tadeo Univ., says 'I'm exercising thanks to the Nule.'* Unfortunately, I didn't see many bikes on this congested avenue. (El Toma Corriente makes electric and normal bicycles.)  
*The Nule clan had the initial contract for building the express bus line on Calle 26, but mismanaged it and allegedly pocketed public money. They are now in prison, as is Mayor Samuel Moreno, who issued the contract. 

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