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The Wednesday Bike Ride Rolls South!

L to R: Andres, who guides the Wednesday rides, Camilo, an organizer of Bicycle Week, the Green Man, and someone I don't know. 
This evening, in honor of Bicycle Week, the regular Ciclopaseo de los Miercoles (Wednesday Bicycle Ride) started out by the Universidad Central instead of is usual starting point in north Bogotá.

The ride, consisting of about 80 people, rode thru La Candelaria and then south, thru Belen, Las Cruces and other poor, rough neighborhoods where outsiders ordinarily have to be wary even during the day. Our group stuck together, and when someone got a flat tire, we all waited.

In La Plaza del Chorro, in La Candelaria

An overturned bike awaits its rider in La Plaza del Chorro.
Of the 80 riders, perhaps a half dozen were female - altho that might be more than the proportion of female cyclists in general in Bogotá.
Fixing a flat in South Bogotá.
During a repair stop in the poor Las Cruces neighborhood, residents watch the spectacle thru a window. They probable see few wealthy college kids here - much less after dark. Most of Bogotá's bicycle commuters are poor people doing it to save money, but for cultural reasons they're not likely to become activists for cycling. 
A doll's leg protrudes from trash piled on a Las Cruces sidewalk.
I don't know the guy on the left, but on the right is German, who has advocated cycling as both a college professor and in his previous position handling transit issues for Bogotá's Chamber of Commerce. 
In a blur of motion, my dog Parchita follows the group. She seems to enjoy herself, but a crowd of bicycles also confuses her. 
A motorcycle cop appeared and escorted us part of the way, altho we had no incidents.
A pause. 
This woman came out of a restaurant to ask what the heck was going on.
Getting ready to roll along Carrera 10. The city is building a TransMilenio express bus line along this avenue, but it doesn't appear to include a bike lane, as I understood new TM lines were supposed to. However, the sidewalk is wide enough that it's really irrelevent. 
Smiling riders. 

Green Man's green bike.  
 By Mike Ceaser of Bogotá Bike Tours

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